Our immune system needs continual support to function at its best

Essential Immunity Bundle

Best Immunity Bundle

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Lack of sleep, stress & anxiety, certain medications, poor nutrition, and many other factors can weaken your immunity and leave you more susceptible to viruses and infection. We can support our immune system by getting adequate sleep, exercising, and obtaining the recommended/optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals in our diet, known as RDAs. Unfortunately, most of us just aren’t able to consume enough of the right types of foods to get enough of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrition needed to strengthen and support a healthy immune system.

Which is why we have designed dotFIT Immune Support Bundles. We created 3 options of Immunity Bundles to support the structure and function of your immune system.

Get your dotFIT Immunity support Bundle today and receive your dotFIT branded mask or gaiter FREE of charge (while supplies last).

As always, each dotFIT product is evidence-based, third-party tested, and contains clinically effective dosages.

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